"Soozee made my brunch party a huge success. Her wide range of items assured that gluten-free and vegan attendees would be thrilled with the choices, but meat eaters also couldn't get enough of the hearty tofu banh mis and fresh vegetables too. The sauces and dips were full of flavor and complemented the dishes very well.

Soozee considered ease of dining with these dishes as well, creating a vegan french toast cup with powdered sugar, bananas, strawberries and her very own SPREAD'M vegan hazelnut sauce. 

One of the most impressive things about this party was Soozee's attention to detail. Soozee pickled daikon radish, carrots and cucumbers for her banh mis. She made thoughtful sauces and toppings like sweet onion bourbon jam, truffle sake lemon cream sauce, cilantro lime aioli, cashew ricotta cheese, creamy ranch dip, and roasted garlic aioli. These sauces were not side thoughts, but integrated parts of the menu requiring creativity, time and effort. Soozee is very organized with preparing her menus and executing her dishes.

My favorite vegan dessert in the world is now Soozee's Vietnamese coffee ice cream pie with its walnut pecan crust and coffee brittle. Savory, sweet, deeply satisfying and light, this dessert exhibits Soozee's ingenuity and artfulness as a chef.

Soozee is a wonderful person to work with and an impressive caterer and private chef. I hope you will hire her to do your next party or your weekly healthy menus."

- Dakota Kim (Owner of Bombshell Bakers)


"I own a business in NYC, and like many other New Yorkers, time is of the essence. There is just not enough time in the day! When Soozee first suggested her personal chef service, I quickly jumped at the chance and eagerly accepted her offer. Almost a year later, I continue to ask myself, “What would I do with out Soozee?!” and I truly mean that.

Soozee is an artist. Her creativity, knowledge and craftsmanship is applied to each and every dish that she prepares. I have very strict dietary needs. Aside from being vegetarian, I also prefer a low-fat, low-carb, high-protein diet. She has managed to customize meals for me that are both healthy and delicious but most importantly, accommodating to my dietary needs. I can’t tell you how good I feel physically and how great it is to know exactly what is going into my body. She presents me with a menu each week explaining in detail the ingredients that she has incorporated into each dinner.

The fact that she has never duplicated a dish (unless upon request) just reiterates my idea of her being a true artist to her trade. 

 I highly recommend Soozee!"

- Jessica Sancilardi (Co-Owner of LyLoveStudio)


"Soozee is an amazing and wonderful person. She is a great chef, cheerful, very professional, and her food is always delicious. I have extreme diabetic condition requiring 5 injections per day. I am both a Type 1 and a Type 2 diabetic. I went on a special diabetic vegan diet as prescribed by two doctors. This diet required work, experience and intelligence. I could not have done it without Sooze. The diet worked and it had the amazing impacts of reducing my weight, increasing energy, and eliminating 3 of my 5 daily injections of insulin with no change in exercise. Soozee's work was true medicine. I will always be grateful for her help. If you would like to contact me about this, Soozee can provide you with my contact information."

- Jack Bloom (New York, NY)